Game rules and layout

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Game rules and layout

Post by The Architect on Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:32 pm

Last update 8th March

Game map

Game layout

The game is establised in the fantasy world of Oastrides. A similar planet to Earth, with the same dimensions, chemical composition and number of natural satellites as Earth it is host to three major empires or power brokers who are NPC controlled. You will be given control of a smaller nation and it is your objective through whatever means, to achieve greatness and eventually achieve super power status for your own nation.

The game begins chronologically, at a technological dawn. The industrial age is just starting. The construction of railroads and intercontinental shipping is commonplace. The three empires of the world act as the glue of civilisation which facilitiates the communication of one corner of the globe to another.

Expanded version of rules and layout to follow.

Processing turns.

I will endeavour to process turns every week, no less frequent than every fortnight. Ultimately this depends on the punctuality of players.

If you don't post your turn after reasonable time (ie. the deadline stipulated on the schedule thread), then i will proceed regardless and your nation will incur the repercussions of your inactivity. Turns will be processed as you type them. Meaning that I will not be 'reading between the lines'.  If something you wanted to happen is not typed, it will not be processed.

Crop attrition

All parts of the world suffer crop attrition to a greater or lesser extent due to harsh weather. The parts that are suffering the most are equatorial and polar regions. If you are on a equatorial or polar latitude, you will suffer 20 percent crop attrition. If you are neighbouring a equatorial or polar latitude, you will suffer 10 percent crop attrition. If you are on one of the milder zones, you will only suffer 5 percent attrition. You can improve your crop survival rate through the acquistion of technologies.

The below map illustrates where the zone barriers are and the hospitability to crops in each line of latitude.

Population Growth and migration
For about the first half a million years of human history, the net global human population growth was between zero and negligible. Things only started to change with the industrial revolution and steam power that meant the machine energy began to free man from the shackles of toll. This led to workers being able to spend more time away from the factory for wholesome family participation which meant that families started growing. People found they had more time on their hands. Between the early 1800s and the middle of the 20th century the [global] population growth was something like 2 percent. For the purposes of this game, we will be using a mean of 1 percent growth for each country, assuming all factors remain favourable, such as peace, good health, satisfied citizens and abundant food supplies.

People have always moved around the world however, and since Oastrides will be no different this will be reflected in the population count of each country.

A short, but non exhaustive list of things which may cause your people to move-

Government dislike
food shortage
(perceived) social injustice
foreign growth opportunities.

Conversely, you may discover that your own country's growth exceeds that 1 percent if it becomes attractive for immigrants and is able to avoid other negative factors. As long as your production exceeds consumption in this scenario, you will be on the right direction to empire and greatness.

Natural resource mining

The world is split into a grid of 40 zones. The abdundancy of each raw resource within a zone will be reflected by a random number.
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