Country introductions

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Country introductions

Post by Giwi on Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:12 pm

The second Elan republic is a republican dictatorship opposed to the liberal ideas of the first Elan republic that murdered the royal family and large parts of the nobility in the june uprising.
The Elan etnicity is inspired by the Scandinavian ethnicity of real life.
We follow the main branch of the holy church of Crehasha, but like in most Crehashan societies secular ideas are not uncommon.

De jure its ruled by the upper chamber of the parliament with 55 members, but de facto its a one man dictatorship.
The parliament is called the Senate of Elan and the lower chamber is purely advisory and has 300 members from all parts of society while the upper chamber has 55 members and all legitimate power comes from here. It is a sovereign and a majority vote in this chamber is the law. There is only one party, but it defines it self not as a party as all parties are banned and seen as first republican.

Here follows the constitution of Elan: (this is a semi-ooc version of the constitution as writing such a document as it would've looked like will take too much time and it may not be finished yet, but it is supposed to just give GM and players some idea of what kind of country this is)

The constitution of Elan

0. The ideas of the june revolution of the first republic of Elan are the enemy of the state, the people and humanity as a whole.
This excludes only chapter 16.0-16.6* of the first Elan republican constitution and includes specifically the corrupt ideas of:
0.0 Universal suffrage 
0.1 Equality of man, on an individual, spiritual and racial level
0.2 Sexual perversion, especially practised in a vulgar or open manner
0.3 The likeness of gender and specifically the idea that men and women are interchangeable
0.4 Brotherhood of humanity, our race is our brethren
0.5 Acceptance of non-Crehasharic religions and sects
0.6 Non-Greater Ellanics as citizens of the republic
0.7 Usury, specifically interest rates over 5% and the practise of market price manipulation
0.8 Birth and/or population control
0.9 Legalized prostitution, especially if combined with 0.2

1. The government must at all times work in the interest of the people and ensure work, safety and food with all its might

2. The religion of Elan is the church of Crehasha, its holy days and traditions are sacred.

3. Every citizen between the age of 16 and 40 to be eligible for the great honour of conscription

4. No bank, newspaper or school may be run by any other then the people, that is the republic itself

5. No cruel or unusual punishments

6. The will of the people defines freedom, the will of the people is defined by the Chancellor

7. The upper chamber of the Senate is the power from witch all other power in the republic comes from

8. Children under the of 10 must go to school, youth from the age of 10-16 may only work half time and the maximum working hour is 10 hours. The 7th day is for rest and businesses must be closed unless necessary for the republic

* Laws regarding limited work hours, labour safety, pensions, public schools and similar

I am interested to see other players make a short introduction as well


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Re: Country introductions

Post by Livid on Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:45 am

The Ulumnate of Chiskana, your enigmatic easterners.


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