Nation selection and Industrial Age rules

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Nation selection and Industrial Age rules

Post by The Architect on Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:14 am


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This is the initial process for selecting your country.  You must select an ethnicity (this will help me place you on the map) and you can have three main nation ethos. Your first ethos choice will give you 30 points in that respective area. Your second 20 points and your third, 10 points. Accruing 500 development points in a specific field will lead to a acheivement in that area and you can help augment this through your turn actions.

'Silly' nation names will not be applied.

It is up to you to name your country and determine its political ideology.

Selection process-
Choose preferred ethnicity
Government type
              Politics    (30-10 pol points per turn)
                Will assist with increasing civic developments and diplomacy but may lead to cronyism            
                 Trade     (30-10 tra points per turn)
                Will assist with wealth creation but may lead to social usury and commoner discontent

                    Culture  (30-10 cul points per turn)
                    Will give a culture points boost but your citizenry may become slightly pacified.
                Military   (30-10 mil points per turn)
                Increased defence but increased authoritarianism  
                Science   (30-10  sci points per turn)
                Will gain science faster however it could create social elitism
              Religion   (30-10 rel points per turn)
               Will increase culture and stability but lead to stunted technology and scientific growth

             Exploration (30-10 exp points per turn)
             Your people will be more adept and successful explorers, no discernable penalties.
              Engineering (30-10 eng points per turn)
             Will increase engineering points but lead to reduced manual labour output depending on choice  
                (-0.5% max reduction)
          Labour  (menial workers 5% production boost)
            An agrarian, labour based society will lead to a steady slight production boost across the board.  
                    However labourers will be more prone to organising.

Game turns.

Every game turn is going to represent about 2 real years.

Country establishment

One unit of people is equivalent to roughly 5000 individuals. When you are placed on the map you will have 5000 units of people. Their professions may be largely dicated by the geography (you cannot have fishermen or a navy if you are landlocked for example). However there are some broad rules that apply to everyone.

You will start with at least one city and four towns. It is up to you to place and name these on your map.
You can have one unit of soldiers and one barracks. You must have a barracks for one unit of troops.
Initially, you will get one unit of politicians, and one unit of academics.
Your academics unit has what is called 'prominent figures'. While these do not carry the same power as heroes they act as the leading figures in a respective field.
The currency of the world is gold and silver ingots. Your domestic product will determine what units you can employ or add to. You can mint your own currency and coins, however this will cost you a little of your own gold and silver. Alternatively you can trade using the currency of your nearest empire.

When you trade it is up to you and your neighbouring nations to determine the price of goods using either currency or the gold or silver standard.

Generally speaking, the more contact you have with gold and silver producing countries the more of it will be in your treasury.

Resource production

Steel is the primary metal of the game. To manufacture steel, you must have a steelworks, one unit of steelworkers, at least one unit of iron miners and at least one unit of lumberjacks to obtain carbon.

You get one steelworks when you begin. A steelworks will produce 10 units of steel a turn for every 9 units of iron and one unit of carbon. To build another steelworks you need 20 units of bricks and 4 units of wood.

You can reassign your manual workers as you see fit to your own strategy.

Quarry workers will mine 5 units of stone a turn. You need 5 units of stone for every 3 units of bricks.
A Iron miner unit will mine 3 units of iron a turn.
A lumber jack unit cut down 3 units of wood a turn. You need to burn one unit of wood for every unit of carbon.

Precious metals- Sometimes you will uncover precious metals and mineral deposits, you can dedicate your miners to search for these.

Farmers will produce 1.7 units of food a unit per turn and every unit comsumes one unit of food. You will find that most of your workforce is agricultural. However you must bear in mind that you need to keep some surplus crops, animals and fish to trade.

Specialised buildings and points

You have a total tally of development points. However these points are categorised by different types and the most points of a particular type will determine what kind of acheivements you unlock.

University (faculty)-
A university faculty can specialise in science, engineering, art or religion. Requires 50 brick units and 25 wood units. Gives 20 point boost to Science, Culture and Engineering or religion, depending on faculty type.
Also requires at least two units of citizenry to become student units.

Requires 40 brick units and 20 wood units. Gives 20 point boots to Culture and Religion.

Stadium or Theatre
30 brick units, 15 wood units. Gives 20 point boost to culture.

National Library
30 brick units, 15 wood units. Gives a 5 point boost to Science, Culture, Engineering and Religion.
Only one can be built per nation.

The Empires

When you begin playing, your diplomacy with the empires is set to neutral (0 points).  However you can improve this by trading with them, enabling them to establish an embassy in your capital or by letting them build a barracks in your country. If you enable them to build a barracks, they will defend this area for as long as relations remain positive. If you are able to maintain relations of 5 points or more, an empire will give you reinforcements if you have a battle. If your relations with an empire deteriorate more than -5, they will declare war on you.


The game has three main established religions.  Choosing your people to follow one of these religions as the main faith of your country is another way to earn an empire diplomacy point. Alternatively you can create your own religion and try to expand your own religious hegemony.


There is currently four main military types. Gunpowder is the military lifeblood of the games industrial age. You can acquire gunpowder by locating it yourself or by purchasing it. Protip: To produce gunpowder indigenously you will need sulphur mining, wood burning and potassium nitrate caves. If you run out of gunpowder, your army will be pretty useless, or it will at least be reduced to only melee combat.

Every military unit requires a military structure. Even naval units, since they need a place to refuel and restock. A barracks or stables can host one unit, or a garrison can host two units. A barracks requires 2 units of wood and 3 units of bricks, or 8 units of wood. A garrison can be constructed with 5 units of wood and 8 units of bricks, or 12 units of wood.

A garrison can only host infantry and artillery units.

One battleship unit requires 15 units of steel for a steamer unit or 30 units of wood for a galleon unit. To build battleships, you need  ports. The same materials for army barracks and garrisons apply to naval ones.

Infantry units- Requires one barracks, steel, one wood and one gunpowder unit

    Note: You can also have specialised military units. Drum and flute units for example which will aid to your army's morale on the battle field at the cost of not being able to fight.

Artillery units- Requires one barracks,  two steel, one wood and two gunpowder units.
                     Artillery has far lower rate of fire but far greater range and damage.

Cavalry units- Requires one stables and one unit of horses, camels or elephants

Sailor Units- Requires one battleship units.

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Re: Nation selection and Industrial Age rules

Post by The Architect on Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:32 pm

New rule addition

Each starting nation will recieve 5 units of gold as its starting capital.
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Re: Nation selection and Industrial Age rules

Post by The Architect on Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:59 pm

New rules-

Only 'Serious' country names are approvable.

Clergy are no longer one of the default starting units. If you want a religious unit you must specify this.
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Re: Nation selection and Industrial Age rules

Post by The Architect on Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:56 pm

New rule - 'Universities' are no longer general buildings. A university faculty or campus is a building unto its own right and will only attribute development points relevant to its role.
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Re: Nation selection and Industrial Age rules

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